General Information

General Information


It is necessary for our service to maintain a full staff at all times and hence we regret that we cannot therefore give any reduction in fees for absenteeism due to holidays or illnesses.

Fees & Calendars 2022/2023

Fees must be paid on the first of every month. Chrysalis bank account details are available on request. Extra charges will be incurred if parents do not pay fees on the first of every month.

Please refer for your information to our current fees list and calendars: (1) Chrysalis Montessori ECCE Calendars 2023, (2) Chrysalis NCS Calendars 2023, (3) Chrysalis CCSP Saver Calendars 2023, (4) Chrysalis Fees Lists 2023, (5) Parent Statement Chrysalis Main 2023, (6) Parent Statement Chrysalis St Brigid’s 2023, (7) Parent Statement Chrysalis Afterschool 2023.


Should you wish to enrol your child in Chrysalis Montessori and Afterschool a deposit is required together with a completed application form, within 2 weeks to register in our service.

Positive Behaviour Management Policy

The methods used in Chrysalis will only be those, which promote the development of self discipline and self esteem and will be developmentally appropriate. They will be reflected throughout our whole service approach. We believe in promoting positive behaviour. We aim to encourage self-discipline and consideration for each other, our surroundings and property. However, repeated disruptive behaviour will be discussed with parents and in extreme circumstances Chrysalis has the right to exclude any child whose behaviour is deemed unsatisfactory.


When your child is sick or has an infection please notify Chrysalis as soon as possible. It is at the discretion of our staff members to allow the children to stay in our care, as it is important that we protect the needs of all children. Children are allowed to have access to their clinically prescribed medication under the correct procedural practice to ensure children can avail of our service as well as receiving the necessary medical medication.

Prompt Collection

Please be prompt when collecting your children. Parents who arrive after their appointed time must pay the staff member on duty €10 for every ten minutes late (or part there of). This is not to be used an alternative for extra time. Chrysalis regrettably will have to withdraw our childcare service to parents who are consistently late.